Tennessee Brighter Futures (TBF)

What is Tennessee Brighter Futures?

Tennessee Brighter Futures (TBF) is a statewide group of agencies and organizations that help people who may have multiple diagnoses or needs. TBF is organized and facilitated by Brain Links through a contract from the Tennessee Department of Health TBI Program.

The purpose of TBF is to share expert information and build upon learning from each system of support’s experience to strengthen how we can best:

  • Screen
  • Support
  • Educate

TBF helps systems of support to be prepared to serve people with co-occurring conditions. TBF is made up of agencies and organizations with expert knowledge in one of these key areas:


Tennessee Brighter Futures Meeting-Training YouTube Playlist:

Tune in to learn from the experts in their Systems of Support with Topic Specific Recordings and complete a survey to receive a Certificate of Attendance.


Email us to join TBF today at tbi@tndisability.org