Small GrantsApplication Process




 Effective January 1, 2023, the small grants program is a one (1) – step application process!

  1. Submit a proposal using the JotForm link provided below
  2. You will receive an email when funding determinations have been made.

Important Message: The TDC uses JotForm as our electronic submission platform. JotForm is an accessible platform; however, to request an accommodation or alternate forms, please email Carrie Carlson at

General funding dates and timelines: 

Please use the link below for a general timeline. Please note that this calendar is subject to change.

Prior Grant Award Recipients cannot re-apply for two years (four cycles), except for topic-specific grant cycle recipients. The calendar for this starts after the grant has ended.



Grant funds are disbursed in two installments:

Please see your funding agreement for disbursement dates.

  1. Once you have returned the signed Funding Agreement to the TDC staff liaison, the first installment with be disbursed by the date noted on your funding agreement. 
  2. Once the standing small grants committee has approved the five-month Summary of Activities Report submitted, disbursement of the second installment will happen by the date noted in your funding agreement.
    • Late report submissions or insufficient reports can delay your second installment
    • Your funding announcement may have specifics to address in your five-month report. Please make sure you address those specifics.


Would you like to receive email notifications when the Small Grants Program is accepting proposals?

If so, use the link or QR code below to register your email address: 


The next grant cycle will open on Friday, March 29, 2024!


  • Grant funds must be used during the designated grant year
  • Funds cannot be used for past expenses, or to reimburse the program for expenses that were paid before the first award was deposited  
  • If grant funds are not exhausted, the excess funds must be returned to the TDC
  • If grant funds are used for expenses that are not outlined in the proposed program budget line Items, funds must be returned to the TDC 
  • Grant awards are not considered gifts or charitable grants


All grantees will be required to submit:

Please note: You will receive an electronic link for submitting these reports via JotForm. Reports submitted in alternative formats will not be accepted, unless you have requested that accommodation.

  1. A five-month progress report, with a current budget
  2. A final report, including a final budget, within four weeks following the end of the project term

Many organizations apply for grants each year and the overall amount of funding requested far exceeds our resources.  Declined applications in no way reflect the worthiness of an organization's mission or programming and these groups are encouraged to apply again in future cycles.

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