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Brain Health is for people of all ages.
  • Videos range from twelve minutes to just over an hour in length
  • Improving Brain Health
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  • Building Resiliency Through Brain Health

 Brain Health: How to Have a Healthy Brain Throughout Life:  By design provides research-based tips for creating a healthy brain, regardless of age. This guide was originally developed to help people with brain injuries recover to the fullest extent possible and to  help them prevent or minimize potential negative changes as they age. However, it was quickly realized that the information in Brain Health is beneficial for everyone. English and in Español 

 English text file and Rationale for Brain Health Materials


Resilience and the BrainResilience and the Brain:  This material is great for people of all ages who are looking to learn more about resilience, helping themselves and/or others.   Building resilience supports brain health, mental health, physical health and ultimately longevity.  English Text Document.




Optimize Your Brain: 3 Important Habits for Productivity, Memory, and Longevity (Based on 200,000 Brain Scans)