Grantee Hub

Welcome to the Coalitions grant program!

We are so extremely excited that your project will be helping to build capacity within the disability community. I am excited to work with you, and the review committee to help make this grant to be successful and to help guide you in any way that I can. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. or 901.907.5731 (please be respectful of the time of day or night for phone calls) 



Grant funds are disbursed in two (2) installments:

Please see your funding agreement for disbursement dates.

  • After you have submitted your funding agreement, you will receive an email from our finance team for you preference in how you will receive your funds. You can either use, which will allow you to get electronic deposits, or you can get a check mailed to you. Please not that if you do not fill this out you will get a check mailed to you via snail mail. Please contact the staff liaison if you do not receive an email, your installment, or have any questions or concerns.  
  • Your five-month report is the key to getting your second installment!
    • If your five-month report is late – your second installment will be late.
    • If you do not submit a five-month report, you will not get your second installment.
    • If your five-month report is not approved, your second installment will be paused until you provide additional and approved details.


All grantees will be required to submit:

  • Your report submission dates are on your funding agreement.
  • All reports are submitted through JotForm.
  • Submitting your report in alternative (email, word document, pdf, etc…) formats will not be accepted.
  1. A five-month progress report, with a current budget: A link will be emailed to you no less than 30 days prior to your report due date! 


  1. A final report, including a final budget, within four weeks following the end of the grant: A link will be emailed to you no less than 30 days before your report due date!



Some funded projects will have thing to address in your reporting. Please make sure that you address those things in your report. Those additional questions/items are attached to your report for the review committee.  

The review committee has ten days to review and respond to reports. As a grantee it is you’re responsibility to answer any additional questions in a timely manner; however you are required to answer them within ten days. Remember, if the questions are from your five-month report, your second installment will be late.

After your grant is completed with the TDC -- We would LOVE to get updates and be able to highlight the continued success of your program and project. Let us continue to support your initiatives. 

Commonly asked questions:


Can I make changes to my grant budget?

Yes, you can, but only after it is approved by the review committee! Please email the Coalition’s staff liaison and attach a written request with an amended budget attached. Please include all the relevant details for the review committee to make that decision.


Can I make changes to my grant?

The project was funded based on your submitted projectl. You must submit a written request to the Coalition’s staff liaison via email. All changes must be approved by the review committee before implantation begins.


If my project is complete at the five-month report mark, do I have to submit a final report?

Yes, you are required to submit both reports.