REV UP: “Register, Educate, Vote, Use your Power!” 


About REV UP

The REV UP Voting Campaign builds the power of the disability vote through a national network of coalitions and organizations.

REV UP’s mission is to build the power of the disability vote through increasing civic engagement in the disability community and improving the accessibility of elections. REV UP stands for “Register, Educate, Vote, Use your Power!” Learn about REV UP’s 2024 Goals.


Grassroots, Local Leaders

Although REV UP is a national movement, we believe change happens at the local level. We also believe in the power of grassroots organizing. REV UP has coalitions in twenty states and partners across the country. Meet our state coalitions.

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REVUP TN will serve as a bridge between the disability community and other organizations facilitating boots-on-the-ground civic engagement opportunities. The goal of REVUP TN is to share resources and aims to keep Tennesseans with disabilities engaged in the election process and knowledgeable about local civic engagement opportunities.

REVUP/AAPD and REVUP TN Community Guidelines PDF

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Are you a proud voter?

Tennessee consistently ranks among the worst states for voter participation. Underrepresentation leads to values and priorities being ignored. Help us break the cycle! It all starts with ensuring you're registered to vote. Use the Proud Voter page to register to vote, check your voting status and much more at:


Resources to help your civic engagement: 

Inclusive Voting Events and Voting Rights:

Every vote counts, so let's make our voting events inclusive! Here are some tips to help you think through hosting people with and without disabilities at your event.

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Disability Etiquette Guide:

The Tennessee Disability Coalition's Disability Etiquette Guide is to help equip and empower everyone; whether you're a part of the disability community or not. Because the way we speak about, and to, people with disabilities matters. Download our Disability Etiquette Guide for Free:

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*Braille copies are available upon request. 


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