Advocacy 101

Advocacy can take many forms. Speaking up for what you need or on behalf of a larger need of your community is a powerful way to go about getting it. We want to empower you to become your own best advocate. Here are some resources to help.


How To Advocate in the Time of COVID


Tips for Success with Your Legislator

Developing an ongoing personal relationship with your elected representatives creates an important foundation for local advocacy. From finding out who your state legislators are and what committees they serve on to sharing your personal story, check out our top tips for preparing for a meeting with your elected officials.

CLICK HERE to download the tipsheet.


Meeting With Your Legislator

To help you prepare, we've created this video demonstrating how to have a successful meeting with your legislator. Our video stars Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton, from Crossville, TN, and Jason Rogers, a graduate of the Lipscomb University IDEAL Post-Secondary Education Program.


Everyday Advocacy

When people don't speak up, nothing changes. From a meeting at school to a doctor's appointment to asking for a reasonable accommodation at work, everyday advocacy makes a big difference. It's also great practice for disability day on the hill. Check out our animated video on how to become a confident self-advocate.