IMPORTANT MESSAGE from the Benefits to Work Team!  We will continue to be here to serve those who need us.  However, considering the COVID-19 pandemic and for the safety of all, we will simply do it differently.   Where possible we will conduct virtual meetings, e.g. teleconferencing.  However, for now we will not do any on-site presentations.  You will find contact information for our team here:  contact our staff

You may contact our team as follows to obtain log-in information on scheduled ZOOM meetings and to request resource information:

Kay Watson: (Regions in East) (423) 433-7616; Kay_w@tndisability.org

Glenn McReynolds: (Regions in Middle) (615) 979-7022; glenn_m@tndisability.org

Jeanne Crocker: (Regions in West) (731) 845-9489; jeanne_c@tndisability.org