Disability Day on the Hill2021



While Disability Day on the Hill is now over, you can still GO FURTHER by texting "FURTHER" to 72690 for policy updates and alerts. The Coalition would like to thank the hundreds of participants throughout the state that went further for Tennesseans with disabilities! 

Below are some videos and resources from the event:


Disability Day on the Hill 2021 Overview


"How to Advocate in the Time of COVID" Training Session

Download Training Session Presentation - PDF

Download Training Session Presentation - TEXT


Virtual Town Hall with Legislative Leadership

Download DH2021 Virtual Town Hall - PDF

Download DDH2021 Virtual Town Hall - TEXT


The Coalition's Priority Bills
At our Virtual Town Hall event, Jeff Strand walked us through some important bills being discussed in the current legislative session. Download a full list of The Coalition's priority bills here:

Download DDH2021 Priority Bills - PDF

Download DDH2021 Priority Bills - TEXT


Advocacy Toolkit

DDH 2021 Introduction Letter

DDH 2021 Checklist


ABLE Accounts Medicaid Clawback

Access to Education During the Pandemic

Katie Beckett Update

NEW TN Step Therapy

Paid Family Caregiving Fact Sheet

ID Death Penalty FactSheet

BEP Formula Fact Sheet

2021 Block Grant One Pager

DSP Wage Fact Sheet

What is Text 911?

Integration Fact Sheet

Universal Changing Tables

Balance Billing 2021

Social Media Advocacy Toolkit

TDC Flyer

Family Support Program Flyer


PLUS, social media took us even FURTHER!

The TDC created a custom DDH2021 Social Media Toolkit that got participants excited to share their stories and pictures on social media!

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Thank You to our Disability Day on the Hill 2021 Sponsors:




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