DDH 2021 Social Media

Social Media

Takes Us Even Further

The easiest way to show your support for people with disabilities and to get your legislator's attention is to participate on social media. Use #LetsGoFurtherTN and tag us @tndisability so we can share your posts!

 Orange gif with "Disability Day on the Hill 2021" and graphic of the capitol building to the right. On the left "Lets Go Further" and #ddh2021 #letsgofurthertn @tndisability animate onNothing about us without us animating gifNot Accessible graphic with arrow pointing down

Stickers & GIFs

The Tennessee Disability Coalition has created a GIPHY account with custom gifs and stickers to add to Facebook and Instagram Stories. 

Search GIPHY for "tndisability" or CLICK HERE to download and share. 


An Instagram Story image of a tree blocking a sidewalk. There is an Instagram Giphy sticker that says "Not Accessible" and animates arrows pointing at the tree. @mystaterepresentative and a location is tagged - these are both examples, not real tags    


"I go further by..." SOCIAL POST

Add text to the below templates by using the Facebook app on your smartphone, scroll down for step-by-step instructions. Or if you want help completing the template, just fill out THIS FORM and we will make and send you a completed graphic!


Let's Go Further logo on blue background. A form is filled out with hand written font, it says, "My name is Brad. I care for someone with a disability. I live in west Tennessee. I "go further" by...emailing my local representatives about disability rights issues in Tennessee."    Let's Go Further logo on orange background. A form is filled out, it says, "My name is Angie. I advocate for people with disabilities. I live in middle Tennessee. I "go further" by voting in local elections."


Steps to add text to the templates by using the Facebook app on your smartphone:

1. Download the template to your smartphone's image library or camera roll.

Facebook Light Blue "Let's Go Further" empty form    Facebook Light Blue Template

Facebook Orange "Let's Go Further" empty form   Facebook Orange Template

2. Create an image post by clicking "Image".

3. Select the template graphic and hit "done".

4. On the top left of the template, there is an "EDIT" button, tap it.

5. Then tap "Aa" and select font/color and type what you want on the graphic. When you hit "DONE" you can move the text wherever you want it to be on the picture.

7. Repeat until you fill in all the blanks.

8. Share by posting with #LetsGoFurtherTN AND if you tag us at @tndisability, we will share it!

NOTE: You can also download the finished graphic to your phone and share it on other social platforms. More templates below for other platforms:


Instagram Feed Light Blue "Let's Go Further" empty form   Instagram Feed Light Blue Template

Instagram Feed Orange "Let's Go Further" empty form  Instagram Feed Orange Template

Instagram Stories Light Blue "Let's Go Further" empty form  Instagram Stories Light Blue Template

Instagram Stories Orange "Let's Go Further" empty form  Instagram Stories Orange Template