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TN TBI Services Directory & Resource Guide The Tennessee Department of Health Traumatic Brain Injury Service Directory and Resource Information Guide was designed to assist in locating programs, organizations, agencies, and services available across the state of Tennessee and the nation.



Teacher Acute Concussion Tool:  The Teacher Acute Concussion Tool (TACT) is a tool for ALL Tennessee teachers to help support ALL students with concussion and mild traumatic brain injury.  TACT provides 4-week specific classroom strategies delivered directly to your inbox tailored to your teaching style, content area, environmental and student. 

Get Started Now: Password: TACTtennessee2020 

TN Return to Play Return to Learn guidelines2020 Revised TN Return to Learn/Return to Play Concussion Management GuidelinesThese guidelines are designed for sport and non-sport related concussions. The document includes information regarding concussions/TBIs, as well as information about returning to learn and play at home, school, and the field after a concussion. In 2013, the state of Tennessee passed the Tennessee Sports Concussion Law designed to educate coaches, athletes, and families about concussions, remove athletes who appear to have a concussion, and require clearance by a licensed health care provider before returning to play.

TN Safe Stars Initiative: The Safe Stars initiative recognizes youth sports leagues throughout Tennessee for providing the highest level of safety for their young athletes. Safe Stars consists of 3 levels: gold, silver, and bronze, and involves implementation of policies around topics such as concussion education, weather safety and injury prevention.  Safe Stars’ goal is to provide resources and opportunities for every youth sports league to enhance their safety standards. The criteria for achieving recognition as a Safe Stars league has been developed by a committee of health professionals dedicated to reducing sports-related injuries among youth.  Eamil Safe Stars to learn more at

TN Secondary School Athletic Association (TSSAA):  Concussion Return to Play Form, in English and in Español.

National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is a member-led organization dedicated to the well-being and lifelong success of college athletes.

CDC HEADS UPHEADS UP for Specific Audiences: Health Care Provider,Youth Sports League, Youth Sports Coaches, Parent, AthleteSports OfficialSchool SportsCoach, ParentAthleteSports OfficialSchoolSchool Nurse, TeacherParent.


CBIRT: 504/IEP Accommodations & Modifications in the Classroom for a Student with a TBI Each section is broken down into helpful categories - developed by the Center on Brain Injury Research & Training (CBIRT)



CBIRT Sample Goals:  Sample goals for students with TBI.




Personal Guide for Everyday Living:  A tool to help people with TBI (especially mild TBI) better understand what conditions make things harder and what the person can do about it. Best if used as part of a conversation with the clinician.  English and in Español.



Brainstorming Solutions Tool:  Helpful template for gathering information on person's skills and challenges to facilitate development of solutions. Great for direct service providers, students and new hires.


Strategies & Accommodations Tool:  Use the Brainstorming Solutions Tool (BST) first, to help you figure out the person’s strengths and weaknesses. Then use this tool (SAT) to check off the strategies that might be helpful for each area you identify on the BST. When possible, complete this form with the person served and discuss the strategies with them. Ask the person if there are other strategies or ways of communicating with them that might be helpful.