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Our Goal:

Our Goal is to promote self-sufficiency for individuals with disabilities by helping to lessen some of the obstacles faced when going to work including concern about losing healthcare coverage and other benefits.  Our counselors have many years of experience and are highly trained experts.  We have assisted hundreds of individuals with understanding the Social Security employment supports such as Ticket to Work.   We help those we serve with tools to make informed decisions about working, financial circumstances and the courage to pursue career goals.  We are available to answer questions/concerns every step along the path to economic independence.  We collaborate with employment resource professionals such as Social Security, Vocational Rehabilitation, Employment Networks, Workforce Employment Networks, Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security (PABSS)  and many others to form a cohesive support system to better serve you with your career endeavors. 


Are you receiving social security disability benefits and finding it difficult to make ends meet?

Are you wondering if you can work?

Do you fear losing your social security disability benefits and healthcare if you go to work? 

We can help absolutely FREE!


Benefits to Work Professionals will help you understand how you benefits will be impacted by earned income.


We will help you understand exactly how your benefits will be impacted by working. Benefits including Social Security,TennCare/Medicare, Foodstamps, Families First,Subsidized Housing,Veterans benefits, and others?  The Benefits to Work Program is the one place you can come to find answers to many of your questions and direction to other resources that can help as well.  We will help you navigate the disability community resource maze.  Our counselors are conveniently located in a town near you.


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Planning Services:  

  We will...

Review your current situation
Help you target your goal(s)
Educate you so you can make informed decisions
Help you write a Plan to Achieve Self-Sufficiency (P.A.S.S.)



To enhance awareness and understanding of the SSA’s work incentives.
To provide an understanding of the impact of work on all benefits.
To assist individuals make informed choices regarding work.
To promote employment & enhance economic self-sufficiency.


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Training and Educational Services:

Benefits to Work collaborates with other organizations that provide services to individuals with disabilities to perform community outreach and education. Our experts educate about Ticket to Work and/or other work incentives.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

To be eligible for services from Benefits to Work, you must be:

Between the ages of 14 and retirement;
Working, have a job offer or actively pursuing employment; and
An individual who is already receiving Social Security disability benefits.


For more information contact:

Alice L. Bowen, Program Director

Toll Free: 1 (888) 839-5333

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