Resources and Tools for Voting

Register. Educate. Vote. Use Your Power.

Find information on how to register to vote, printable materials to share, policy issues that affect people with disabilities and more. 

Download the REV UP Tennessee flyer, in .pdf and .txt formats below, for details on how to register and an election season timeline.

Rev Up Flyer V2.pdf

REV UP Flyer.txt

Download this disability facts card and take it with you to candidate events to let them know the disability voice matters. 

Disability Facts Index Card.pdf

Disability Facts Card.txt


Issue Areas
We advocate on behalf of Tennesseans with disabilities, which means we care about these issue areas that affect the disability community. We want to elect leaders who will consider our needs when supporting and voting on pieces of legislation. Check back in through the end of July as we update this page with more infographics to share. 

Voting     Voter Turnout.jpg

Why does it matter that you turn out to vote on election days? Your voice is important! The experiences and issues you face every day need to be considered when policies are being drafted and passed. Use your voice by voting for candidates that you feel best represent you and your community's concerns. 

Civil Rights   Civil Rights .jpg

Did you know that 1 million people in Tennessee have a disability? The disability vote counts, not just in electing candidates, but also in making sure that our voice and our rights are included in the policymaking process. 

Education   Education.jpg

Every student deserves the tools they need to succeed in and outside the classroom. Research shows that 85% of students with disabilities can master general content if they receive the educational supports they need. These supports can include simple accommodations such as reading test questions out loud or having access to a teaching assistant that allows them to remain integrated with their peers without disabilities. Your vote counts towards ensuring our Tennessee classrooms are inclusive and integrated, benefitting students with and without disabilities. 

Employment  Employment.jpg

It's easier and more affordable to hire an employee with a disability than you might think. More than half of requested workplace accommodations cost nothing to implement. For every dollar invested in making an accommodation, companies earn an average return of $28.69. Your vote matters. We've made strides towards lowering barriers to employment for Tennesseans with disabilities, but we are nowhere close to where we want to be. 

Healthcare  Healthcare.jpg

Tennessee spends one of the lowest amounts per Medicaid enrollee for children with disabilities. We also have not expanded Medicaid and do not offer any other options such as the Katie Beckett State Plan 1915(c) Waiver for Children with Disabiliites. Children who don't receive the care they need are at a higher risk of missing school, not being able to play with their peers and experiencing complications that compromise their futures. Vote to ensure children and their families have access to quality healthcare options that drive them towards opportunity. 

Housing  Housing.jpg

Finding quality, accessible and inclusive housing shouldn't be a barrier to living independently, and it definitely shouldn't push an individual or family into poverty. Your vote matters because we need better housing options for people with disabilities. 

Upcoming infographics will cover these issue areas:  transportation and supports and services. Follow our Facebook and Twitter accounts to easily share these infographics on social media. 


Other Resources
Visit the Tennessee Secretary of State’s website for more information on registering to vote, polling locations and more:

We’ve created interactive candidate maps to make it easier to look up candidates and identify where they stand on the issues that you care about: