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Disability Day on the Hill

Disability Day on the Hill Announcement

"When dozens or even hundreds of people gather for a common cause, those who create our laws have no choice but to pay attention." ~Lacey Buchanan, mother and disability advocate

"I believe Disability Days is important because it shows awareness for people with disabilities. Overall it was a very exciting day, and I would love to do it again in the future." ~Student and disability advocate

"We all enjoyed being there the other day. We liked being part of the event that took place. I know it was a lot of work, but I learned a lot too. I am from a very small county, Sequatchie, and I got to meet my Senator and Representative on Wednesday. Thank you for organizing the day." ~Student from the TN School for the Blind

There are about 1 million Tennesseans with disabilities. We have a valuable understanding of "disability" and the needs of our community, and it is our job to educate our policymakers from our experience.  Disability Day on the Hill is a day each year when the Tennessee General Assembly is in session in Nashville. Usually in January, this is a day for us to show up in force at our Capitol and highlight the role of disability in our society and public policy for our legislators. 

It is a chance to see that you are a part of something bigger- a Disability Community- and perhaps learn of new resources and disability organizations in the state. It is a chance for you to build a relationship with your state senator and representatives and to advocate for legislation that they are considering.

It is an energetic day and an important part of the legislative process in our state. For information on how your or your organization can get involved contact us at ddh@tndisability.org.