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Blue Folder  Toolkit Specific Trainings Related to Both Toolkits: Click on Text Below

  • Concussion Management Protocol:  A recommended protocol for the treatment and management of mTBI
  • Research Support:  The lliterature that shows the gaps in current practice, supporting the development of the toolkits and the Concussion Management Protocol.
  • 6 Types of Concussion:  A model for concussion, showing that concussion can take various clinical trajectories and that active treatment is effective.

Green Folder  Topic-Specific Trainings for the Healthcare Provider's Toolkit:  Click on Text Below

  • Reference Tools:  A variety of useful tools in the reference section includes: The Concussion Management Protocol, CDC Pediatric and Adult Guidelines, Tennessee's Return to Learn/Return to Plan Concussion Management Guidelines, and more.
  • Tools for Use In-Office:  Explanation of the CDC Acute Concussion Evaluation, Post-Concussion Symptom Inventories and a Symptom Tracker.
  • Tools to Send Home with the Patient:  Recommended and optional educational tools.

Purple Folder  Topic-Specific Trainings for the School Nurse's Toolkit: Click on Text Below

  • Reference Tools:  A variety of useful tools in the reference section of the toolkit includeing:  the CDC Pediatric mTBI Guidelines, examples of accommodations, a sample CDC Return to School letter, Tennessee Return to Learn/Return to Play: Concussion Management Guidelines, and more. 
  • Tools for Use In-Office:  Explanation of the CDC Concussion Signs and Symptoms Checklist for School Nurses and a Symptom Tracker.
  • Tools to Send Home with the Student:  Recommended and optional educational tools.

Check back regularly for new trainings!  

The Center on Brain Injury and Training (CBIRT) is expanding the awareness of brain injuries and different resources available to the public. CBIRT offers an In the Classroom Series that is an evidenced-based training intended for teachers but extends to the entire school staff. The training is $99 and includes 22 mini-lessons focused on helping the staff meet the learning challenges that can be accompanied with a concussion or brain injury.

Access the full training or the recorded webinars page for additional educational TBI training topics.



The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) developed the HEADS UP Program with the goal of protecting children and adolescents by raising awareness and providing information regarding concussions and traumatic brain injuries. Through HEADS UP, the CDC provides free online training courses for clinicians, youth sport coaches, and high school sports coaches.



In the state of Tennessee, there is a list of trainings that fit the requirements of the TN Sports Concussion Law. Listed through the site is ConcussionWise, an online database with engaging and interactive concussion training courses for athletic trainers, physicians, coaches, parents, and athletes. 



Pediatric Brain Injury Resources is a brain injury overview of what a brain injury is; how common these injuries are; what signs and sympotoms parents, teachers, coaches and healthcare providers need to be aware of; and where to go to for help.



Brain Injury 101 was created for everyone interested in brain injuries, including educators, families, and community members. The sessions are designed for early childhood through transition after high school and provides an overview of brain injuries, including the signs and symptoms typically experienced, returning to learn and play, and laws and guidelines put into place with Tennessee. 

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