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In This Together Messaging

In This Together Messaging


  • There are 1.6 million Tennesseans with disabilities. That's 1.6 million strong, powerful voices. We're in this together with every single one of these voices. Are you? #InThisTogetherTN
  • Erase the stigma surrounding disability. We all have our own unique strengths, gifts, and talents! #InThisTogetherTN
  • We go further together. We make change happen together. We're in this together because that's what it's going to take to create a society that values, includes, and supports Tennesseans with disabilities. #InThisTogetherTN
  • We're not asking for much. We're just asking for the same basic human rights as everyone else. #InThisTogetherTN
  • Everyone knows somebody with a disability. We're all allies here, fighting the same fight. It's time we fight together. Will you join us? #InThisTogetherTN
  • It's hard to find housing that's accessible and affordable. Universal design benefits everyone. Join us in advocating for housing solutions that meet all our needs. #InThisTogetherTN
  • COVID-19 RELATED: People with disabilities, chronic illnesses, and underlying health issues are more susceptible to experiencing severe complications from the COVID-19 virus. Join me in staying home and washing our hands to protect the 1.6 million Tennesseans with disabilities. #InThisTogetherTN



  • Autism. Diabetes. Cystic Fibrosis. Traumatic Brain Injury. ________________. No matter our experiences, we are all fighting for the same inclusive society that values us, sees us, supports us, hires us, and respects our rights. #InThisTogetherTN
  • 1 in 4 people have a disability in the U.S. _______ in ________ have (INSERT SPECIFIC DISABILITY OR CHRONIC ILLNESS). That just means we're the largest minority group in America, ready to make sure you listen to our needs and concerns as voters who have a real stake in the election process. #InThisTogetherTN
  • I can't get to my job, my doctor's appointments, the grocery store, ____________ or my friends' houses if I don't have accessible transportation. #InThisTogetherTN
  • We all want and need jobs where we can be financially stable, succeed using my strengths and skills, ___________, and feel included. We're not an exception just because we have disabilities. #InThisTogetherTN
  • Every student needs support in the classroom one way or another. Some students just need more supports than others, such as _________. Let's make sure all students of all abilities have the resources they need to thrive. #InThisTogetherTN
  • For some of us, if we don't get the _________, medicine, or therapies we need, it's a life or death situation. Join me in advocating for healthcare that's affordable and meets our individual medical needs. #InThisTogetherTN