In This Together

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We are excited to introduce the 2020 campaign aimed at spreading awareness around disability, dismantling stereotypes, and coming together to advocate as one. We hope that you will join us as we continue in our work to create a society that values, includes, and supports Tennesseans with disabilities. 

Imagine the infinite potential of 1.96 million Tennesseans rallying together around a single cause. Imaging that huge sea of people taking to the streets, signs held high as they march and chant in unison. 

Breast cancer advocates from Memphis marching with kidney disease survivors from Mountain City. Children in Shelbyville with cystic fibrosis rallying with students from the Tennessee School for the Deaf. Veterans with PTSD and stroke survivors standing with children who have juvenile diabetes. 

Picture all of us. With different abilities. And our families. And our friends. 

Standing together. Supporting one another. 

As the Tennessee Disability Coalition celebrates its 30th anniversary, as well as the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, we remind you we're all in this together!

Real Tennesseans like you and our member organizations contributed clips to our campaign kick off video featuring the song "White Flag" from hot new band Joseph.

2020 Campaign Events

  • Disability Day on the Hill
    • Monday, February 3rd - Summit
    • Tuesday, February 4th - Meetings with Legislators
  • Americans with Disabilities Act 30th Anniversary - Summer 2020
  • Tennessee Disability Coalition 30th Anniversary- Fall 2020

Meet Marshall, Our New Mascot