TACT - Teacher AcuteConcussion Tool

What is TACT?

The Teacher Acute Concussion Tool (TACT) is a tool for ALL Tennessee teachers to help support ALL students with concussion and mild traumatic brain injury.  TACT provides 4-week specific classroom strategies delivered directly to your inbox tailored to your teaching style, content area, environmental and student factors. 

Get Schooled on Concussions     Enjoy this short video to learn more about TACT.

  • TACT is available at no cost to ALL TN educators in ANY TN educational system (public & private)    courtesy of the TN Department of Health Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Program. Through collaborative efforts with Brain Links, we are excited to add this tool to your toolbox.
  • TACT requires no advanced training, is 100% web-based and aligns with the 2020 TN Department of Health Return to Learn/Return to Play: Concussion Management Guidelines.

Get Started Now: https://www.getschooledonconcussions.com/tennesseePassword: TACTtennessee2020  

Existing eductional framework of Multi-Tier System of Support (MTSS) or Response to Intervention (RTI) is the natural way for schools to support students with concussion.  Applying concussion to MTSS and/or RTI    allows educational setting to become empowered and independent in managing RTL for concussion.  

Concussion Return to Learn Lesson Plan                         Concussion Return to Learn Lesson Plan

Training Pyramid:  A School-Based and School-Directed Return to Learn Protocol

  • Access over 30 Tip Sheets which have all been written BY educators, FOR educators.
    • The order of the Tip Sheets is important as the first thing we must do in schools is make our students comfortable (enough) to be in school listening and learning. Only then can teachers start to adjust their workload and hold students accountable for mastery of content. So follow these Tip Sheets in the order they appear:
      • First, help students learn to manage their energy → which will help them manage their symptoms     → so they can BE at school to hear instruction
      • Then, begin to adjust the AMOUNT of work given in the classroom and at home
      • And finally, find a way to creatively assess their knowledge and assign them fair grades
  • Access Video tutorials on the academic support of concussion management in elementary, middle and high schools.

If you have any problems logging in: Contact TN TBI Program Director, Ashley Bridgman at 615-741-1230 or Ashley.N.Bridgman@tn.gov.

Need or Want more information?  Brain Links Team is available for consultation, resources and professional development training all at no cost.  Contact Brain Links today: tbi@tndisability.org.