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Know Your Voting Rights in Tennessee

Election 2020

Know Your Rights | Know Your Power

Our Rights are Our Power. 

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act and other laws, you cannot be treated badly just because you have a disability, someone in your family has a disability, or because someone thinks you have a disability. You can ask for changes you need for your disability. If you need help to vote, you do not haver to explain why. You have the right to accessible voting machine.

You have a lot more, too. 

Know Your Voting Rights

Here is a quick guide to know your voting rights. 

Quick Guide-PDF

Quick Guide - Text Only

Voter Registration is for Everybody

A disability is not a reason you can't vote...but forgetting to register is. Check out our video in partnership with Tennessee Secretary of State on resources to help you register to vote. Libraries are a great place to go for help. Special thanks to Clarksville-Montgomery County Public Library for the acting skills of their wonderful librarians!

Accessible Elections

The Tennessee Disability Coalition partnered with the Tennessee Secretary of State and Disability Rights Tennessee to develop a brief video demonstrating an accessible polling place and voting process for Tennesseans with all types of disabilities. This video is a resource for election officials, poll workers, and the disability community. There are over one million people in Tennessee living with a disability and when we arrive on Election Day to vote, we want what every other voter wants- the ability to cast our ballot privately and independently.