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Brain Resource And Information Network

Vanderbilt Children's Hospital
L-R, Paula Denslow, Jeremy Crawford, Lesley Worsley-Hynd, and Teri Powell
Children's Hospital at Erlanger
L-R, Jennifer Lindberg, Carol Mayo, Dawn Morrow & Laurie Strutton
Carrie Carlson, Liz Thompson & Le Bonheur Children's Trauma Team
L-R, Carrie Carlson, Liz Thompson & Le Bonheur Children's Trauma Team


Project BRAIN has strengthened relationships throughout our communities, especially among healthcare professionals. The Tennessee Disability Coalition has partnered with prominent regional Children’s Hospitals across the state of Tennessee, establishing effective communication links to provide these valuable, lasting resources. 

Within the following hospitals, a Brain Injury Transition Liaison (BITL) serves as an educational resource for the hospital, the family and the school:

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Program staff are educating healthcare professionals about the students’ experiences beyond the hospital doors and how their opportunities for “teachable moments” with the family could benefit their patients for a lifetime.


Williamson Medical Center
Teri Powell
Children's Hospital at Erlanger
Jennifer Lindberg
Methodist Le Bonheur Children's Hospital
Liz Thompson, Nina Campbell and Carrie Carlson

A signs & symptoms tool, “When Your Child’s Head Has Been Hurt” is incorporated into the hospital discharge process.  Whether the student is from TN or lives out of state, has been treated and released or admitted with a diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury, the family will take this flyer home. Consent from the family will open the door for Project BRAIN staff to follow up with the family and school.

The liaison is the communication link between the hospital, home and school. 

Download "When Your Child's Head Has Been Hurt-Signs and Symptoms"  

Download the Spanish version of "When Your Child's Head Has Been Hurt-Signs and Symptoms"

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