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Project BRAIN would like to share an exciting new web site devoted to education about concussion and what you should know as a coach, educator, parent, or teen athlete. "Brain 101" is an interactive website with Training Programs and tools so that the entire school community knows how to respond to injury in ways that ensure the student's best chance of recovery. Project BRAIN has been proudly sharing this awesome site since it was launched in February 2012.
Visit the site at:

We are lucky to know the brain who led the team behind this creative and user-friendly training program, Dr. Ann Glang, as she has contributed to Project BRAIN's efforts since our inception.  Ann was awarded as the North American Brain Injury Society Researcher of the Year in 2011 for her work for "making substantial and continuing contributions to improving the lives of individuals with traumatic brain injury."  We love that!  Keep up the great work Ann!

After you visit the site, think of friends who may benefit from seeing the five-minute action packed, educational videos and downloading the helpful PDF packets for coaches, teachers or parents.  This quality information goes hand-in-hand with Project BRAIN's "When Your Child's Head Has Been Hurt" signs and symptoms tool.  Knowledge is power for everyone involved when a person sustains any type of brain injury.  Share this information with anyone who may be responsible for students or any type of athlete and they will thank you for it. 

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