Find Your Local Candidates for the 2018 Midterm Elections

Example of Candidate Map

It can get complicated trying to keep track of all the candidates who will be on your ballot during midterm elections. That’s why we’ve created these interactive maps!

What can I do with these maps?
These maps allow you to see a profile on each candidate running in your district. This information includes candidate name, district, political party, address and a link to their website (when available). 

How do I use these maps? 
1. Choose the map you would like to look at first. The three maps of candidates running in the primaries include gubernatorial, state house of representatives and and senate races. If you would like to have the information provided to you as an Excel spreadsheet (.xls) or plain text file (.txt), please click the corresponding links below each map. *

2. Start at the map legend. The legend is on the right side of the screen. On the gubernatorial map, this legend will indicate the colors representing political party. On both the Senate and House of Representatives maps, this legend indicates districts. 

3. Click on the colored dot of your choosing. Once you have decided what party you would like to look at (on the gubernatorial map) or what district, click on the appropriate dot, which will bring up a pop-up box full of candidate information (the blue link stating “more info” will take you to the candidate’s website, if available). 

More Tools:
    •    “Zoom In/Out and Home Buttons” will allow you to navigate the map in more or less detail. “Home” will take you to a default view of Tennessee. 
    •    “Legend” (list with bullets) is on by default. 
    •    “Basemap Gallery” (small squares) allows you to change the map background (i.e. imagery and topographical views)
    •    “Share Button” (three arrows) gives a link to the map as well as different social media options to share. 
    •    “Print option” allows you to print your view on the map. 
    •    “Search Bar” allows you to type an address of your choosing. This can assist you in finding which districts or candidates are near that location.  

*Disclaimer: The alternative file format that has been provided is Excel spreadsheet (.xls) . Please contact us if you would like to access any other alternative formats at 615-383-9442 or


Gubernatorial Candidates Map Link:

Tennessee State House of Representatives Candidates Map Link:

Tennessee State Senate Candidates Map Link:


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